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Are You a Candidate for TMJ & Sleep Apnea Therapy? For Adults & Children

Do you or a loved one suffer from jaw pain or troubles sleeping? Get a better understanding of the symptoms of TMJ & Sleep Apnea, how it may be affecting you or a loved one and to see the most effective treatments for these medical conditions.

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Why Did Dr. Louis Chan Write This Guide?

For years Dr Louis Chan has had a special interest in holistic dentistry with a strong focus on Orthodontics and TMJ treatment. He continually researchers for the most effective treatment plans to help children and adults achieve healthy body development and a great facial balance.

  • Education


    To educate and inform the general public about the symptoms of TMJ & Sleep disorders, how they affect your health and the most effective treatments available.

  • Financial Health Risk


    Educate people and reassure them that the long term financial and health risks greatly outweigh the cost of seeking early treatment.

  • Better Health


    Increase Australian’s knowledge to inturn reduce the number of sufferers of TMJ or Sleep Disorders who remain untreated and put significant strain on the medical system.

  • conversation


    Get the Australian public talking about the serious medical condition that could be affecting them and their loved ones and why they should seek proper diagnosis.

About Our Clinic

The TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre & MyDental Care are leading practices providing comprehensive care for the community of Meadowbank, Ryde & Sydney, with a key focus on tailoring treatment plans to each individual patient. This begins with an accurate diagnosis in our state-of-the-art facilities to allow us to form a non-invasive treatment plan. 

Dr Louis Chan and the entire team are licensed under TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre International meaning we are the leading authorities on providing the following services:

  • Dysfunctions BulletTMJ Dysfunctions
  • Headaches BulletHeadaches
  • Sleep Apnea BulletSleep Apnea
  • Dental Orthodontics BulletDental Orthodontics
  • Perfomance Mouthwear BulletPerfomance Mouthwear
  • Snoring BulletSnoring

“Having untreated Sleep Apnea is medically equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes a day in terms of what it does to your health.”

Jerome Siegel. Ph.D From the Center for Sleep Research at UCLA

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