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The Nose and Sleep

Nose and Sleep

In this blog, I am going to discuss in detail regarding the relationship between sleep and nasal breathing, as well as treatment modalities from Western and Chinese medicine. Breathing...

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Introduction to common Sleep disorders

Sleep is one of the most important functions of the body; sleep allows the body to heal and the brain to reconsolidate memory. In our modern lifestyle, many of...

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ADHD and Sleep Problems – What is the connection?

ADHD and Sleep

ADHD is a relatively common neurodevelopmental disorder which affects approximately 5% of people, both children and adults. Those who are affected by ADHD tend to experience inattention, hyperactivity, forgetfulness,...

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Is Fat Good For You?

Is Fat Good For You

9 Reasons We Should Be Eating More Fat In the not so-distant past, the majority of medical establishments considered all fats equally bad for you. Since then a lot...

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