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Dentofacial Orthodontics

Airway-driven dentofacial orthodontics for children as well as adults treats the underlying cause of malocclusion (bad bite). The presence of a bad bite is heavily influenced by the existence of a problem with the airway. We practice airway-driven orthodontics and believe that the jaw can be encouraged to grow and be corrected with orthopaedic appliances and braces that:

  • Move the jaw
  • Open the nasal and oral airway
  • Correct the position of the teeth and skeletal symmetry
  • Improve or correct skeletal abnormalities.

Treating the teeth without treating the airway, which is standard practice in traditional orthodontics, is a superficial fix that can result in future TMJ problems, orthodontic relapse and missed opportunity at enhancing optimal facial development. 

Airway problems may start from birth and can significantly impact normal development and quality of life. Contact us today for a complete evaluation and treatment plan to start your path to a happier, healthier life.

We offer our patients a range of services focusing on:

MRC Clinics
International Association for Orthodontics
American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
Australian Dental Association

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Dr. Louis Chan

Dr Louis Chan,
Principal Dentist & Owner of MyDental Care/ TMJ Sleep Therapy Centre Sydney

Certified provider of Myobrace (MRC), Insignia™, Rapid Smiles, Invisalign and the only Australian practice licensed under TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre International

“For over 25 years I've been focusing on delivering holistic treatments for children and adults to achieve healthy body development and a great facial balance.”

- Dr Louis Chan