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    Performance Mouthwear

    Performance mouthwear refers to custom-fit mouthguards produced on the principles of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) stability and neurological balance. These mouthguards aid in physically placing the users jaw in the optimal position, which improves breathing and performance. 

    Why use customised performance mouthwear?

    With your performance mouthwear placing your jaw in the optimal position, you allow your body to:

    • receive maximum oxygenation
    • increase the size of the airway
    • allow head, neck and shoulder to achieve a balanced and relaxed position
    • promote increased upper body strength
    • improve balance and flexibility

    Further proof of the success of performance mouthwear can be seen with many athletes across a range of sports from professional footballers, cyclists, runners, golfers and tennis players all using performance mouthwear to improve their performance.

    How is the performance mouthguard engineered?

    A consultation at the TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre Sydney involves TMJ evaluation which includes imaging your jaw, head and neck along with producing models of the teeth. We then relax the muscles of the neck and jaw by administering pulsed radio frequency to the area. Once the relaxed jaw position is achieved we measure and record the data on a jaw tracking computer. All results are then used to engineer your very own customised mouthguard, specifically created and delivered to place your jaw in the optimal position.

    We offer our patients a range of services focusing on:

    MRC Clinics
    International Association for Orthodontics
    American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
    Australian Dental Association

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