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Do you or does your child suffer from continual discomfort during sleep or have issues sleeping?

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Each patient we treat is unique

therefore our approach is to undertake comprehensive evaluations to enable correct diagnosis and provide non-invasive treatment therapies tailored to suit the individual. This philosophy is the basis for optimal outcomes, combined with state-of-the-art technology and research-based treatments in a caring and friendly environment.

What is TMJ?

Craniofacial pain, commonly referred to as TMJ or TMD, is a condition affected by disturbances in the action of your jaw. The ongoing jaw problems are themselves a symptom, signalling to a greater problem affecting the body, which is usually an airway issue. This means a dedicated focus on careful diagnosis, and placing an emphasis on the origin of the issue rather than the symptom, are required for successful treatment.

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Does your child?

  • Have trouble sleeping
  • Wet the bed
  • Toss and turn throughout the night
  • Act hyperactively
  • Have dark circles under the eyes
  • Snore
  • Have night terrors 
  • Clench or grind their teeth during the night
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Are you a candidate?

Find out today if you could benefit from this state of the art, holistic treatment.

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Relationship of Airway and TMJ.  Unable to breath well through the nose causes underdevelopment of the dental arches and face, dental crowding, TMD and sleep disorder as the end...

The Sensory Gating Mechanism

This video takes advantage of three-dimensional biomedical animation technology to clearly depict and explain the persistent brain activity in pain patients and its central role in sleep disorder.

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Dr. Louis Chan

Dr Louis Chan,
Principal Dentist & Owner of MyDental Care/ TMJ Sleep Therapy Centre Sydney

Certified provider of Myobrace (MRC), Insignia™, Rapid Smiles, Invisalign and the only Australian practice licensed under TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre International

“For over 25 years I've been focusing on delivering holistic treatments for children and adults to achieve healthy body development and a great facial balance.”

- Dr Louis Chan